A Message From Our Practitioner Cheyne

I would love to share with you something exciting… a breakthrough of sorts.

It has been such a blessing having the chance to connect with hundreds of amazing people in my Strategic Health Breakthrough Sessions with the Our Botanicals Community over the past couple of years. Each of you who I connected with are incredible brave, courageous health warriors wanting to improve their health and detox their bodies and I salute you.

Most of these Breakthrough Sessions were 2-3 hours long. We went deep. We laughed, we cried, we opened up and very often miraculous things happened. People shifted things that had been stuck for a long time. Breakthroughs were had!

Through the hundreds of hours of these breakthrough sessions with people from all different backgrounds a very consistent pattern formed. In many chronic cases what I observed over time was that the more challenges someone had at the physical symptom level the more fear they held at the unconscious mental level.

Many of these people spoke of the first 10 years of their life as being less than perfect recalling their parents constant fighting, anger, violence, alcohol fuelled verbal and physical abuse, and a general energy of fear in the environment. Many of these people were also sensitive empathic beings who were greatly affected by this intensity and they shut down parts of themselves to survive. Parts such as their spirit, their heart, their intuition and their joy to name just a few.

This ‘war-zone’ environment programmed the mind with a logic of fear causing the mind to be stuck in ‘worry mode’ because it felt constantly unsafe. Because of this feeling the mind deemed that in order to survive it always had looking out for what could go wrong. It decided that it was living in a unsafe space and it needed to be ever vigilant on guard.

What I realised is that this triggered chronic constant over thinking, an ingrained unconscious reflex that was still with them many years later. People would describe their minds running from thought to thought incessantly, worry to worry. This over activity and negativity over time then seemed to have a ripple effect on the vibration of the emotional body, and a deeply ingrained reaction to fear-based thoughts in their emotional bodies.

The over thinking and worrying also had another perhaps more damaging consequence. Their awareness became lodged at the intellectual mind level and cause the flow of subtle messages from their higher self to be cut off. This also meant the awareness was not in the spirit and not in the body. So people were walking around their whole lives in their head.

Over time this then led to adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, poor kidney elimination of cell wastes and a build up of acidosis. This then played out as all forms of inflammation, and a whole host of symptoms and what Doctors call diseases.

One of the main struggles many people have as they are trying to heal their body and create a new vibration is dealing with these old habit patterns of thinking and feeling that seems to run automatically.

Fear, negativity of the mind and the heaviness, stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, jealousy, anger, sadness, victim energy and depression in the emotional body can make it very difficult to stay consistent with a fruit-based detoxification diet.

When these old patterns of negative thinking emerge they can often sabotage your detox efforts stopping them in their track with emotional eating and old coping mechanisms.

The detoxification process can start to bring these things to the surface and assist (with proper support from a coach) to release them. This is what I call the bottom up approach. If you react to these old patterns in the same old way they will be reinforced and the cycle of suffering will continue.

What I discovered through the process was that I could help people from the top down, whilst they chipped away for the bottom up. When I say top down I mean that I discovered a way to assist them in waking up their spirit and remind them of who they really were.

You see many people have forgotten the truth of their power. They had disconnected to it as a child often as a result of traumatic moments that “he scared the life out of me” is one such example. Some shamans call this a soul disconnection. So they see themselves as their suffering, as their struggles, as the anxiety, depression or disease. But that could not be further from the truth.

I have been working on a system to fix all of this, bring your spirit back in and return you to your true power.

And now it is with great pride that I launch the Awaken Your Higher Self 10 Week Program. Watch the video below for more details. I would love to help you connect to the truth of the love and power residing in your infinite self.