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Our Botanicals offers a full line of high quality herbal supplements to suit your unique needs and help you live your best life.

How Do I pick the right remedy for me ?

For years Our Botanicals and our natural health community has been supplying nutritional supplements and vitamins with you and your family in mind. You pick vitamins to help your body be at its best and we are here to help you do it.

Herbal supplements are products made from plants or botanicals and are used to maintain overall good health or treat certain diseases. They can come in different forms such as capsule, liquid, powdered, or chopped. When choosing the best option, it’s a good idea to think about how you might want to take them for example, as tea, swallowed as a pill or tincture, or applied to the skin in the form of a cream or gel. Pick the form that is best related to you. There is no right or wrong, it is the one that will work best for your individual needs.

Using more than one at a time

If you decide to take more than one at a time it's best to consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or medical practitioner to make sure mixing is fine with your specific condition.

How long should I stay on a remedy?

Herbal supplements can take 2 to 4 weeks to start taking effect, it’s a slow gradual process until you start to feel a difference. Since everyone is different, the timeline for feeling the benefits of a supplement can vary. It is recommended staying on a remedy for 1 to 3 months for best results.

Helpful tips and precautions when choosing

The FDA categories herbal supplements as foods and not drugs. Many supplements have active ingredients which can have strong effects in the body. If taking a supplement with a conventional medicine or prescription drug, it could be harmful, for this reason we always strongly recommend speaking to your doctor or pharmacists prior to starting any remedy or supplement.

Things to consider before starting

  • Follow the labels carefully
  • Talk to our expert practitioners
  • Check for side effects or allergic reactions

Safety tips for taking herbal remedies and supplements

To get the best results for your herbal supplement we recommend following the instructions, keeping track of what you are taking, and for how long.

Bringing you the best products from trusted sources, free of synthetics, preservatives, and GMO ingredients for a healthy life.


“Quality ingredients and outstanding products for you and your family”

We offer the best detox organic based vitamins and supplements for removing toxins from your body. As you start your detox the best thing you can do is give your body gentle healing remedies to stay strong while you cleanse your system. Here are some of our best selling products to start your journey back to a healthier you!


Our Healing Tea: The best natural detoxifier to cleanse and regenerate your body.

Brain & Neural Tincture: Providing an abundance of antioxidants to enhance brain and muscle function.

Our Healthy Guts Formula: Our innovative sulfur, gastrointestinal, and detoxification support supplement offering a large range of sulfur-based nutrients while you cleanse.

Our Magnesium Super-Shot: Get your boost of this “anti stress” mineral needed for the detoxification process, energy production, glutathione synthesis, and cell integrity.

Herbathione | Glutathione Support: Boost your body’s ability to detoxify itself with these organic therapeutic drops of herbs.

NutriSage: Premium Diuretic Water Pill With Dandelion:  A safe natural diuretic to help rid your body of water retention and bloating.

Detoxification System+ Bundle: Get the best of it all to support your detox cleanse.

NutriSage: I Can't Detox: Premium Candida Cleanse: Acts as a candida and yeast detox to decrease your risk of developing a candida yeast infection.

Lomatium Organic Extract: A natural antiviral and antibacterial herb to boost your immune system and fight infections.

Milk Thistle Extract: A great antioxidant that protects the liver, and supports healthy detoxification, while promoting bowel regularity.

Our Healing Tea


Brain & Neural Tincture


Our Healthy Guts Formula


Our Magnesium Super-Shot


Herbathione | Glutathione Support


NutriSage: Premium Diuretic Water Pill With Dandelion


Detoxification System+ Bundle


NutriSage: I Can't Detox: Premium Candida Cleanse


Milk Thistle Extract


Lomatium Organic Extract


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