Beginner’s Guide To Detox

Whether you are actively trying to heal a chronic dis-ease, or you want to boost your vitality and longevity, detoxification is the golden key. There is a lot of talk about “detox” these days. It has become a sort of buzzword for companies trying to hawk their products or fancy cleanses. Many people have attempted some kind of detox, cleanse, or fast at some point in their life, often with mixed results. However, the vast majority of the “detox” information out there isn’t effective, often because it operates on a misunderstanding of our physiology, and/or it isn’t customized to the individual’s health concerns.

True detoxification is both an art and a science, based upon a deep knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit. True detoxification takes us back to the inherent wisdom of Mother Nature, leaning into the vibrant fresh foods she provides, along with healing herbs to support our elimination pathways. And speaking of elimination, this is the essence of any effective detox program! In order to truly remove toxins and obstructions, we must work to open our four elimination routes – lungs, kidneys, colon, and skin. Any detox program that doesn’t address things like kidney filtration, GI cleansing, or getting the lymph moving isn’t likely to give you real, lasting results.

I understand that there is a TON of information out there on detoxification these days, and it’s normal to feel confused on where to begin. Here are my tips for beginners, looking to get started in the world of detox:

1. Get professional guidance

As someone who has both coached clients, and received coaching herself, I can attest to the power of having someone guide you through the detox process. This is especially important if you are suffering from chronic symptoms, or have a sensitive system. Last year, I invested in a personal consultation with Cheyne Goulden. We talked about my health history and created a customized protocol to address my nagging health complaints. It was great to have 1-on-1 time with a detox professional, so I could feel confident making changes to my diet, as well as choosing the right herbs to support my healing.

2. Consider an iridology reading

One of the coolest aspects of the detoxification world, in my opinion, is iridology. Every eye is unique, and the characteristics of our iris can reveal some of our own health challenges, and allow us to target them more effectively. There are many things you can learn from an iris reading, including genetic weaknesses, lymphatic stagnation, sulfur accumulation, and much more. My iridology revealed some interesting things about my body, and some things I could potentially anticipate from detoxification, which was incredibly helpful!

3. Start with tea

Deep cleansing and regeneration of the body can be a daunting task. I often recommend that people begin with something simple, like a high-quality herbal tea. This is an easy step to incorporate into your life, and can work wonders even all on its own. With the right blend of botanicals, you can give your organs and tissues the support they need to gently release toxins and rebuild themselves stronger than before. My favorite tea for this is Our Healing Tea, a comprehensive blend based upon Dr. Robert Morse’s heal-all tea, perfect for the lymphatic system, kidneys, and other vital detox pathways. It’s wonderful hot or cold, and can be sipped throughout the day.

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4. Invest in a quality herbal kit

With so many detox herbs and supplements out there, many of us get overwhelmed or confused trying to choose which ones to buy. Unfortunately, most of what’s on the market today isn’t very good quality, and you rarely know what you’re actually getting in the bottle. One thing that I often recommend is to purchase a kit that has all the components you need for a deep and effective cleanse. I like the Deep Tissue Cleansing Kits from Dr. Morse’s line of botanicals, which comes with many of the most popular formulas used to address a wide range of health issues. These kits are a great starting point for many people, and can be built into a full 14-week protocol.

5. Bring in more raw food

When approaching detoxification, we must remember that Nature knows best. The human body is optimized to run on fresh, ripe, unadulterated fruits, veggies, herbs, and some nuts/seeds, in their natural uncooked state. Raw foods, particularly fruits, are high in electrical energy and packed with living nutrients and enzymes, which are ideal for our physiology. Bringing in more raw foods can amplify your detox experience, and give your cells more energy to “take out the trash.” If you’re still eating mostly cooked foods, try eating raw until dinnertime, and see how you feel!

6. Don’t be afraid to rest

Often, people attempt to do a detox program while still engaging in all their normal activities. This can put strain on the body. Detoxing is hard work, depending on how deep and intense your protocol is. It’s normal to feel ups and downs in your energy levels during the process. Don’t try to push yourself through intense workouts, take on extra job responsibilities, or attend all the social invites you’re given. Give yourself permission to sleep a bit more. You could also more restorative activities like gentle yoga/stretching, or possibly get a massage.

7. Educate yourself on detox symptoms

One of the main reasons why people quit their detox is because they experience symptoms that they were either not expecting or didn’t prepare for. Depending on your level of toxicity, you may experience a wide range of detox symptoms, also sometimes called the “healing crisis.” I’ve found that it’s helpful to keep a notebook or journal to track these changes, and to do my research ahead of time to know what potential things to watch out for. Dr. Robert Morse’s book, the Detox Miracle Sourcebook, has a great deal of information on this, along with lists of common signs of a healing crisis, that I found especially useful.

Detoxification, when done with mindful intention, can foster incredible health breakthroughs. No matter what level of wellbeing you’re starting from, you can reap the benefits of a proper detox program. All of our bodies have accumulated some amounts of mucoid plaque, lymphatic stagnation, and acidity, along with other things like viruses, fungi like Candida, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical byproducts. True detoxification is the only way to reverse dis-ease, and feel good in our bodies again.

If you’re new to detox, keep these tips in mind as you start your journey!