Build Yourself Up with Muscles by Nature

Here at Our Botanicals, we love Dr Morse’s herbal formulas. So, we are very excited to bring you one of his newest blends! Muscles by Nature is a potent powder that is designed to build you up. Detox will always be the first step to healing, but maintaining optimum health once you have achieved great healing is a key part of the journey.


Let’s take a look at the ingredients list:

  • Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder
  • Berry Blend Powder (Blueberry, Bilberry, Saw Palmetto Berry, Cherry Juice, Schizandra Berry, Acerola Cherry, Blackberry, Hawthorn Berry, Chaste Tree Berry, Juniper Berry)
  • Royal Jelly
  • Spirulina Powder
  • Parsley Leaf Juice Powder
  • Fruit Blend (Banana, Orange, Mango, Blueberry, Bilberry, Papaya, Peach, Pear)
  • American Ginseng Root Powder
  • Licorice Root Powder
  • Kelp Frond Powder
  • Vanilla Bean Powder

What jumps out at you from this list of powerhouse ingredients? We love the mix of amino acid rich plant-proteins like spirulina, alfalfa, parsley. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a few key ingredients:

Kelp Frond Powder

As a sea vegetable, kelp extracts components from the seawater and so we find high concentrations of minerals like iodine, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Thus, kelp can help us to regulate the thyroid hormones and therefore our metabolism and energy levels.

It is a natural source of vitamins A, B2, B6, C, D, E and niacin; and, as it is also filled with phytochemicals, kelp will help your body to detox heavy metal contaminants and radioactive elements. You can read more about the benefits of kelp here.

Licorice Root Powder

In the digestive tract, licorice is used to treat issues such as stomach ulcers, leaky gut syndrome, hepatitis, and acid reflux. This herb is a common ingredient in natural cough syrups because it helps relieve a cough and expectorate mucus. Licorice Root is also incredible for healing and restoring the adrenal glands. You can read more about the benefits of licorice here.

American Ginseng Root Powder

Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb, which means it belongs to a group of herbs that are extra healthy for your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are in charge of managing your body’s hormonal response to stress. So, not only is it great for your adrenals, it can also help to treat a large variety of health issues including cold and flu and weight control. You can read more about the benefits of ginseng here.

We recommend you incorporate Muscles by Nature into your morning smoothie. So many people start their day with protein powders that are filled with dairy and other ingredients that are not health promoting. This is a great option for those of you who are looking to move out of the solely detox phase of your journey and focus on normalising. Our only caution is to not take this before bed! This blend is super energising, and a perfect way to kickstart your day.

Click here to build yourself up with Muscles by Nature.