Can I Detox My Dog? A Testimonial


Dog given two months to live is now happy and healthy on Fruits, Herbs & Love.

“Harley was diagnosed with a high-grade and extremely aggressive ‘Mast Cell Tumour’ in her right Anal Gland in December 2013. The Anal Gland was removed by a veterinarian at SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital) on the on the 15th of December. Physical examination of Harley was conducted on the 19th of December 2013 by the Oncology department at SASH and the Rectal examination revealed residual disease. Given the aggressive nature of the ‘Mast Cell Tumour’ the Oncologist gave Harley 2 month’s maximum to live without Chemotherapy treatment.

I made contact with Our Botanicals on Facebook the day after the oncologist appointment and Rohan Callander recommended a herbal protocol for Harley which included a high raw food diet including green smoothies, fruits (melons, berries) and some raw meats. Rohan also recommended that Harley take the following herbs and Tinctures:

(1) Heal All Tea
(2) Kidney & Bladder #1 Tincture
(3) Lymphatic System #1 Tincture
(4) Endocrine Gland Tincture

Rohan also provided me with the name of a friend whose dog also had a terminal C#nc#r and who had great success following a similar protocol following a consultation with Our Botanicals. As you can see from the photos Harleys results are amazing. You can see the gradual healing taking place, it is truly remarkable! Harley is supposed to be dead by now but she now has the energy of a young puppy with no sign of any further ‘Mast Cell Tumors’ forming.”

What can I say except thank you Rohan and thank you Dr Robert Morse.




“I just wanted to give you an update on our dog. The lump on her neck has gone down, I can’t even feel it any more! It may still be there somewhere but from the outside I can’t feel anything…I have been giving her all fruit and vegetables as you recommended with lots of greens and the herbs…2 days after giving her melons (from when I noticed the lump) I noticed that little bit of mucus coming out of her ear from the side where the lump was and it has been very slow but consistent, until just over a week ago. When I was preparing food for her she started to constantly shake her head so I checked her ear and there was a copious amount of this mucus coming out. I would say about a teaspoon worth that I took out of her ear at that time. It wasn’t the normal wax it was literally mucus, like snotty if you know what I mean. That’s a good sign right? The other ear was dry. Now for the past week it has been “draining” anything from a brown snotty look that is brownish to slightly clear or even tar black at times. For the past 2 days I had to clean her ear out 2 times a day because you could hear the “splashy” sound in it if you touched her ear or she would scratch. I’m giving her the herbs 3xtimes a day and following your instructions. Thank You Rohan very much for all your help and I’m sure if our dog could talk she would be very thankful also. Let me know what you think with the above. I’ll be ordering more herbs for her (the same ones once she finishes these?) so we don’t run out as well as the next step of the detox kit for my mum.”


What is true for dogs is also true for humans. Why we especially love working with animals is that they do not have the emotional baggage that prevents many people from making these kinds of healings. Learn to let go, accept yourself, and begin to focus on your health and happiness.