Detoxing Horses with Tamra Rose

For those of us with horses, we know that these beautiful animals can experience a host of health issues; colic, sweat itch, laminitis, IR, the common horse cold and even a recurring cough. Treating these common illnesses in horses can be costly and ineffective in promoting true healing.

Detox in Horses

We know that detoxification is a natural occurrence within the body. It is the body’s way of pushing harmful toxins and cellular wastes out of the system. Without a clean system, a horse becomes more susceptible to the various ills particular to their species, compromising their overall health and quality of life. Excellent overall horse health is largely driven by what we feed them. Horses should be able to graze all day on foods that are biologically designed for them, like grasses, fruits, barks, and flowers.

Unfortunately, some horses in today’s world don’t have access to freely roam the way nature intended them to. Many are being fed nutrient-lacking hay a few times a day, along with commercial feeds. These feeds include grains that should be avoided, as they are high in acidosis and not natural to the equine species. This type of feeding causes horses to become susceptible to health issues like colic.

Lack of natural grazing, coinciding with their lack of freedom to roam are reasons for less than optimal health. While controversial, alfalfa is the smart choice, along with fruits like apples. They are excellent detoxifiers and help restore an alkaline PH to a horse. Even though horses have long GI tracks, it’s important to remember that they are alkaline beings. They have adrenal glands, kidneys, thyroids, and a lymphatic system just like we do.

Using Herbs To Enhance Detoxification

The herbs in Our Healing Tea are an excellent place to begin with a horse. Because of the size and weight of horses, Our Healing Tea is much more cost effective than using tinctures. Using these herbs daily, coupled with adding a Superfood Blend, can help your horse live a long and healthy life. These two products combined are highly nutritive and medicinal. They help clean the blood, flush out the kidneys, clean and soothe the GI tract, boost the function of the adrenal and thyroid glands, and help reduce acidosis in your equine partner. Even seemingly irreversible lameness in horses has significantly been halted and reversed through the use of herbs and a natural diet.

Teresa with her horse Bullit and Tamra

An easy way to administer herbs is in the form of “raw living herbal balls.” One of my clients, Teresa in California, uses this raw living herbal ball recipe as a practical way to ensure her horse gets his daily dose of herbs and superfoods on days she cannot make it to her barn. These raw herb balls will not only be loved by your horse, but be very beneficial to him as well!

Whether you choose to feed your horses the detoxifying herb balls, I suggest that equine caregivers also implement a natural feeding system to coincide with the herbs. Tamra endorses the signature diet created by Lisa St. John of Lavsage where you feed raw living buckets, “full of fresh, leafy greens, flowers, fruits, raw nuts and seeds”. Do this daily with your horses and they with love it!

Raw Herbal Ball for Horses recipe

This recipe is for a 1200 lb horse but can be scaled down depending on weight. Here’s what you’ll need:

        • Organic Pitted dates
        • Organic dried Pineapple or Mango
        • Organic shredded Coconut
        • Blender or Food processor
        • Raw nuts and seeds
        • Herb & Superfood


Puree all of the fruit and scoop it in a large mixing bowl. You can soak two cups of dates overnight first if you like, I do this to make them extra soft. Add in at least a cup of ground chia and flax seeds. If you have pumpkin seeds etc., you may throw those in as well, just be sure a to only use ground seeds. 2 cups/large scoops of powdered superfood and/or wherever herb recipe I am using. (I have been known to toss a little apple cider vinegar and even some apple sauce in as well). If you feel like adding a small amount of spices, I suggest Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, especially for the winter months. Once I get this all mixed together, I take out a small bowl and I add organic shredded coconut to it as the final step. I make approximately the size of a golf ball in my hand and then I drop it in the bowl of shredded coconut and roll it until it is covered. I often reuse BPA/BPS-free, cleaned plastic, take out food containers with snap on lids, as they seem to be just the right size to hold the balls. Keep them refrigerated until served. This batch may last a week. They stay fresh for at least a couple of weeks.

Watch the following video to hear how these healing teas have helped Teresa’s horse, “Bullit.”

For more information about how to keep you, your dog, cat or horse’s health in optimum condition for years to come, contact Practitioner Support, Detox Specialist & Iridologist, Tamra Rose here.