Enliven Your Food with PuraZyme

You might be wondering how enzymes like PuraZyme can supercharge your life if you are already eating enzyme rich raw foods. The problem is that many people’s bodies have a long history of being enzyme deficient, and therefore they are not receiving all the nutritional benefit of the beautiful foods they are eating.

Enzymes aid in a basically every chemical processes of the body, but are especially known for how they aid in digestion and metabolism. When food is cooked however, high temperatures denature the enzyme’s molecular structure and they can no longer serve their purpose in the body. Therefore, cooked food takes more time and resources from the body to break it down and access it’s nutrients. That is why if you are consuming cooked foods, enzymes are such an important addition to your diet.

As many of you will know, Dr Morse does not recommend the use of enzymes. However, it is important to keep in mind that his recommendations will put you on the mountain top of detox and pure living. For most people, this high level of living can seem both daunting and unattainable. Enzymes, therefore are a fantastic solution for those of us who are eating range of cooked and raw foods.

Why Should I Include Enzymes In My Diet?

A vast majority of us in the Western world subsist on a diet of primarily of cooked and processed foods. Many of us are chronically dehydrated and undernourished and as a result, many people’s bodies are enzyme deficient. Supplementing enzymes enables the body to break down wastes more efficiently, which is great as we all know how important proper elimination is in maintaining wellness!

Even those of us who mindfully and purposefully eat a substantial amount of raw food, have to keep in mind that those raw foods only produce enough enzymes to break down that specific food. This means that:

1. No single raw food can produce enough enzymes to break down an entire meal.

2. You won’t find any enzyme activity in foods that are boxed, bottled, irradiated, pasteurized or canned.

The reason that enzymes are such a key part of optimal health is because they are essentially the workforce of the body. Without enzymes, our body cannot utilize essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other nutrients, and without these vital nutrients, our body can become exhausted in trying to compensate for deficiencies, often to the detriment of our vital organs.

One of our team members here at Our Botanicals, Sophia, has shared her story with LiyfZyme enzymes, which I encourage you to read. She shares how even in spite of her awesome raw diet, she still wasn’t digesting her food as well as she could be. You can read it here.

What Kinds of Enzymes Are There?

There are different classes of enzymes, which are: Food Enzymes, Digestive Enzymes and Metabolic Enzymes.

Food Enzymes exist within living foods and help to break down the nutrients inside the foods that we eat. For example, an avocado has lipase enzymes, among others, to break down the fats into fatty acids. A banana has amylase enzymes to break down carbohydrates into simple sugars. Nuts and seeds contain protease to break down proteins into Amino acids.

Digestive Enzymes are produced by our pancreas to assist in the breakdown of the foods we eat in order so they can be eliminated properly by your intestinal tract.

Metabolic Enzymes run throughout our bodies in order to sustain life. There are thousands of metabolic enzymes that assist every biochemical process in the body. There are enzymes to grow hair, blink, think, repair tissues, eliminate toxins, fight disease. Every function in the body requires these enzymes.

Who Is Lou Corona?

There is a beautiful reason why the enzymes we recommend are from PuraDyme, and that is because of the founder, Lou Corona. When Lou was 21 years old he was suffering from a multitude of illnesses including:

  • Chronic asthma
  • Severe allergies
  • Major constipation
  • Candida
  • Debilitating arthritis
  • A tumor
  • Severe acne

Lou then embarked on a lifelong journey, which would prove to inspire and heal a multitude of people, who now know him as the ‘World’s Healthiest Man’. He has developed the four principles of life; Cellular Communication, Cellular Environment, Cellular Exercise and Cellular Nutrition. You can read more about those principles here.

Where Is A Good Place To Start?

We recommend beginning with taking PuraZyme. These enzymes are best taken on an empty stomach were designed with even higher enzymatic activity. They on the undigested proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the blood, which cause putrefaction, fermentation and rancidity in the body. Without these enzymes, the undigested nutrients become toxins to the body attracting parasites, viruses, unfriendly bacteria, yeast and fungus! Additionally, this product works to assist the body in its natural regeneration of cells.