Our world is in constant motion. Just as the earth spirals through space never retracing the same steps twice, we also have a path of motion that never allows us to touch the same moment twice. This constant state of change within our own lives is something that we cannot stop anymore than we can cease the earth’s changing position in space. Nothing in this universe or in our lives is ever static and the only truth we can hold onto is that there is nothing for us to hold to.

Mental, emotional and physical illness comes as a result of the stress created by our resistance to unstoppable change.

These obstructions to motions may be as obvious as constipation due to too much complex, gluey starch in our diet, or as subtle as fear of the unknown. Because although it is clear for us to see intellectually that the universe is never still, there is often a strong desire within us to have moments, people and relationships, that which we know frozen in time to avoid us having to face the uncertainly of change.

We see this so clearly in relationships. The fear created in one when another begins to change, when the nature of the relationship begins to change or even cease. But we must accept that change is inevitable and our only choice is to accept it now, or else suffer and accept it later. Try holding a weight off the ground for any length of time and you will quickly realize the stress and strain of trying to keep something from following its natural path. If this is the cost of trying to keep an object from its change, how much more stress is created when we try to keep another human from their path of change?

Obstructions to motion within the body is also the cause of all manner of ‘diseases’ that people endure in modern life. Here we are not only talking about constipation of the Bowels, but a much more serious constipation, that of the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is literally the sewage system for the 100 trillion resident cells that make up your body. Each one of these cells must eat and eliminate waste just as you do. Now imagine a city of 100 trillion people when the sewage system becomes blocked, the mess you imagine is just the same as in the body. But this is not a one off sewage blockage that may cause a city only mild discomfort, we are talking about a chronic and systemic congestion of the body’s sewage system to the point at which the body begins to break down.

This is all about change, about motion, about the freedom that comes with non-resistance. Whether on the mental, emotional or physical levels we must come into a state of constant letting go of expectations, control, and our waste. Health is not so much about what we put into the body, the blood takes care of this and it is only 25% of the body’s fluid. The other 75% makes up the gigantic Lymphatic System and this is the system of letting go.

So go clean out your house. Clean out your list of expectations you have weighing down your relationships. Clean out the waste of digestive, parasitic, and cellular shit from your body’s sewage system.

Don’t be scared – all of this cleaning out will only release your stress and make space for new change to happen. This is not only your most natural path, but is in fact your only possible option. Change is inevitable, it is always happening and this motion is the very nature of this universe. So embrace it.