How to drink your way to better health

If you’ve been looking for a new way to improve your health, Our Healing Tea may be just what is missing from your daily routine. An herbal tea blend with natural healing properties, it's made from eight different herbs, two of which are black walnut hulls and marshmallow root. These two herbs can help with everything from constipation and bloating to boosting your metabolism and immunity. It also helps keep you hydrated and aids in concentration. With all these benefits it’s easy to see why this herbal tea has become so popular among people of all ages! So if you want one herbal formula that will make a big difference to your health, look no further than Our Healing Tea.

What is Our Healing Tea?

Our Healing Tea is a premium loose leaf tea blend that combines the best of the healing herbs, and are all wildcrafted and organic. It's a powerful blend of black walnut hull, marshmallow root, white oak bark, plantain leaf, chaparral leaf, calendular, oat straw, burdock root and nettle leaf. This tea was created as a powerful detoxifier and regenerator of your body. You can douche with it, use it as a mouthwash, or use it as an enema. It's become a favourite in our community for a wide range of health issues - with testimonials ranging from skin issues through to endometriosis!

It specializes in detoxifying cells and supporting the endocrine glands. When our clients ask us for one herbal formula they can take to address a number of their symptoms, we always first recommend Our Healing Tea. Both our team and our customers alike love it, and swear by it in their journey of health and healing. Here in the office we drink it by the gallon every day! Over the years we have discovered a few tricks so that is is really strong, lasts a long time, and is super simple to prepare.

How to make a cup of Our Healing Tea?

When we first open our package of Our Healing Tea we pour the whole lot into our Vitamix Blender and blend it into a powder. This dramatically increases the surface area of the tea, so that absorbency is maximized and we can get a really strong cup of tea out of just a small amount of herbal powder. Make sure that your blender is bone dry before you begin, and also make sure you keep the lid on unless you want the room under a herbal haze. This tip makes it extra affordable, and gives you the maximum benefit from your purchase.

Do you drink coffee? Our Healing Tea is our go-to drink during the day and that is exactly how we designed it. Tea is such an easy way to bring the healing power of herbs into our bodies throughout the day, and you will really notice a big difference in your body after a day sipping on it.

The way we brew our tea is simply by cooking up a big pot-full of a few liters on the stove and letting it sit for a while, sometimes overnight. After putting it through a sieve to make sure no little bits get through, we use it as a base for our morning smoothies. This is such a great way to use it, and it makes sure that your day is packed with herbal goodness right from the beginning.

We take it to work cold in our drink bottles as well as having it hot to break our fast. Simply put, whenever you need to drink something, drink Our Healing Tea – it will do you wonders!