How To Recover Naturally From COVID Side Effects

We are entering year 2 of the pandemic, and we're starting to learn more about some of the lingering side effects of COVID-19. Long-term COVID-19 side effects can vary by person. However, many overlapping health problems include respiratory issues, brain fog, and even hair shedding. Here are some tips to help recover from COVID-19's long-term symptoms.

6 Ways to Manage COVID-19 Side Effects

The symptoms of COVID-19 are life-changing enough. Dealing with the long-term health problems associated with COVID is just added emotional stress that nobody needs. Try a few of these tips to help deal with common COVID-19 side effects.

1. Boost Your Immune System Naturally

If there's one thing we've learned during the pandemic, it's the importance of a healthy immune system. You must keep it strong all year round, especially as variants arise.

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin for maintaining immunity. This information had people wiping out the shelves of orange juice. However, orange juice has many added sugars, which can increase your risk of diabetes, and in turn, your severity of COVID symptoms.

Elderberry has become the quiet hero for immune support during the pandemic. This fruit contains 16 amino acids, with the most predominant being tyrosine. Tyrosine influences your innate immune system, which controls inflammation. That's why elderberries could be useful for upper respiratory systems.

Also, be sure to have adequate magnesium intake. This mineral is crucial for over 300 biological functions.

Daily recommended magnesium consumption is:

  • 8-19 years - 350mg, Any Gender
  • 19-30 years - Women: 310mg, Men: 400mg
  • 31+ years - Women: 320mg, Men: 420mg
  • 14-18 years (pregnant) - 400mg
  • 19-30 years (pregnant) - 350mg
  • 31-50 years (pregnant) - 360mg
  • 14-18 years (lactation) - 360mg
  • 19-30 years (lactation) - 310mg
  • 31-50 years (lactation) - 320mg

When we are low in magnesium, it creates holes in our immunity. These gaps create opportunities for viruses to infiltrate or long-term COVID symptoms to persist.

2. Keep Your Gut Health Under Control

Approximately 80% of your immune system cells are in your gut. That's because most inflammation is caused by the foods we eat. So, our immune systems go where the work is!

In fact, immune system cells have a good relationship with beneficial gut bacteria. They work together to keep pathogens and viruses away. It's important we provide our immune system cells the backup they need with probiotics.

Probiotics produce metabolites known as short-chain fatty acids. These fats act as surges of energy for our cells so that they operate optimally. However, they also help repair our gut lining that gets damaged by long-term inflammation caused by poor diet.

Keeping a healthy microbiome teeming with probiotics isn't just good for speeding up your recovery from COVID from an immunity standpoint. It can also improve your digestive issues.

Many people report having abdominal pains post-COVID infection. There's also an increase in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) cases. Having a diverse microbiome with a spectrum of beneficial probiotic strains is essential for combatting symptoms of IBS.

3. Clear Your Brain Fog

According to Cedars Sinai, there have been increased incidences of brain fog after COVID-19 recovery. Health experts believe COVID brain fog is caused by a mixture of two things -- the physical toll of COVID-19 effects and the emotional stress of contracting the virus.

The best way to clear brain fog is to regain control of your mind. Hit the reset button with guided meditations. Centering yourself and focusing on one thought could improve your mental health.

We can't always stop and meditate during the workday. Provide your brain with the support it needs with high-DHA fish oil.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is the primary structural component of your brain. It helps maintain grey matter and neurotransmitters that are essential for healthy brain communication. That way, you can air out the brain fog and think with clarity.

4. Support Your Heart

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart palpitations are common post-COVID effects. Many recovering COVID patients also complain of muscle tightness and chest pains.

We still don't know the long-term effects of COVID. However, it clearly has an impact on our hearts. With cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of death in the United States, it's essential we protect our hearts after a COVID treatment.

Exercise regularly. Try to get at least 150 minutes of intense cardio workouts per week.

Cut back on your intake of saturated fats. Once again, using high-DHA fish oil can help promote this balance. Omega-3s help counteract artery damage caused by saturated fats.

With healthier arteries, you should boost your blood flow to promote healing. Olive leaf extract is an excellent way to support blood flow because it helps relax blood vessels. That way, they can pump to and from the heart faster, which can help with muscle tightness and strengthen the heart.

5. Strengthen Your Lungs

Since it's hard to breathe with an upper respiratory infection, it may take a while to reach full lung capacity post-COVID. Shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and dizziness may persist after recovery. 

Work on deep breathing techniques to improve your lung health. Combine these diaphragmatic exercises with your cardio workouts. The more blood and air you get circulating, the better!

Also, support your lungs with an all-natural respiratory tonic. It is a unique blend of Reishi syrup, which can improve symptoms of bronchitis, including chest inflammation and shortness of breath.

6. Thicken Your Hair

Unfortunately, many people experience hair loss after COVID. COVID hair loss is believed to be triggered by long-term fevers and emotional stress.

Support your hair by strengthening the follicles you have while prompting your scalp to regenerate hair growth. Stimulate your scalp with all-natural shampoo that contains ingredients like caffeine. Caffeine doesn't just give you energy; it does the same for your hair cells.

Tend to your hair growth all day long with a natural leave-in serum. Make sure it is enriched with biotin. This important vitamin stimulates keratin in the scalp, which increases follicle growth.

Essential Takeaways:

  • Supporting your immune system is crucial for COVID recovery
  • Major organs are going to need some TLC, like the brain, heart, and lungs
  • Exercise, eat a healthy diet, and fill in any health gaps with a range of natural supplements