How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

We’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day by spotlighting the five love languages. Do you know what your love language is? Perhaps you have more than one. What about your loved ones? The five love languages is an idea pioneered by Gary Chapman in his 1992 book ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment’. Link here.
In his book he explains how during his work as a counselor he saw couples who were struggling to communicate their love to each other. From this experience, he developed the theory that there are five love languages, and that everyone has one primary and one secondary language.

Learning what your languages are, and what your loved one’s languages are is a great way to know exactly how to treat them this Valentine’s Day. Gary has a simple quiz that you can take or share around if you’re not entirely sure.

To make your life that little bit easier, we’ve put together some creative ideas categorized by love languages. So, if you’re stuck for ideas, look no further!

Words of Affirmation

As most of our communication now is digital, a handwritten note or card means a lot. It shows the recipient that you took the time to sit down and make an extra effort for them. If a simple letter doesn’t feel like enough, you could get more creative and fill a mason jar with handwritten notes detailing what you love about them. Check out our Pinterest board full of affirmative gift ideas here.

Gift Giving

For many people, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like the excitement of a gift. The anticipation and interest of what you’ve picked out for them is a sure way to make someone feel special.
Here at Our Botanicals we love to gift our loved ones this delicious CBD chocolate bar from Champainge, which feature 20mg of CBD and all organic cacao. For our moms, girlfriends and sisters we spoil them with this luxurious Jasmine and Rose oil from Amaki, a beautifully scented multipurpose oil for face, body, hair and nails. And sometimes we like to treat ourselves to this Pure Indian Healing Clay from LaLune Naturals because of it’s powerful detoxifying properties. It has 4x more drawing power than calcium bentonite clay, allowing it to pull metals and toxins from your body.

You can make gift giving even more personal by taking some time to make something. We recommend this handmade Rosemary soap, pictured above. Recipe here.
P.S. bMaker have other amazing DIY recipes for soaps, teas and more!

Quality Time

Making happy memories together is one of the best ways to strengthen any relationship. Getting out in nature, doing a yoga class, taking a trip or going to a show are all great ways to spend quality time. Maybe spending a night feels more enriching to you. Why not go all out, put on some candles, make a big jug of Our Healing Tea to share, and watch your favorite movie. Making something together is also a wonderful way to connect. We love this Epsom Salt based Deluxe Bath Bomb making kits from bMaker.

Acts of Service

In our busy lives, sometimes the most meaningful thing someone can do for you is give you the night off! If your loved one usually cooks for you, switching roles and cooking their favorite meals is a great way to show your love and appreciation. In the cool winter months, we love preparing a big cup of golden milk for our loved ones. We use Tranquility Lab’s Turmeric Curcumin, open 2-4 capsules and whisk into almond or oat milk while it warms in a pot over the stove. The result is a beautiful grounding drink that will fight inflammation. You can sweeten it to taste with agave or stevia.

Physical Touch

Massage is a powerful way to show your loved one how much you care about them. A lot of people experience tension headaches or feel achy and stiff from long hours working in front of a screen. We love using Our Herbal Deep Heat Salve to knead out tight muscles and soothe any tension.
Taking a bath together is a lovely way to relax and nurture each other. Remember the Pure Indian Healing Clay we mentioned earlier? This powerful clay is the key to a deeply detoxifying bath. If you find that hot baths tend to dry out your skin, lock in the bath’s moisture with LaLune Natural’s Coconut Oil.

We hope this post has inspired you to show your loved ones how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that self-care is also very important, and Valentine’s Day can be a fantastic opportunity to treat yourself!