The natural world is our place of home, it is not some foreign and separate world that we go and visit on occasion, unless we make it so. Our biology has grown up with the rest of the biology of nature and the further we take ourselves from those other biological entities, the more we loose our vibrancy and health. If you require a health guru of any sort then please take your primate family, still living in their natural habitat – any step you take towards matching your life to theirs will be a step towards health and healing. This includes being outside naked and shoeless, eating a high percentage of tree-ripened fruit and botanical herbs, swinging, climbing and playing in trees, holding, cleaning and loving those around you.

The natural world – our world – has provided living plant foods for us primates to eat in a way that all of our nutritional needs are opulently taken care of – and we can see this in the natural world. In plant foods, a vast array of chemistry is brought together and bonded into perfectly balanced forms where each element is present with its brothers and sisters.. trouble begins when we start to take these bonds apart and isolate chemistry.

Chemical isolates are single chemical compounds that have been taken out of their natural bonding with other units of chemistry, and this is the consciousness of nutritional supplements. When we break chemical bonds and bring isolated units that have in the past been in the background and bring them to the foreground we create an artificial imbalance of chemistry.

In response to this imbalance that isolated chemistry then seeks to regain its bonded balance by bonding to other chemistry – this creates conglomerates of chemistry that tend to do us damage. This is a source not only of suffering within the human body through the artificial foods and supplements we consume, but it the exact same process that causes the massive amount of pollution in the world today. The end result often being that we exacerbate the problem we are trying to fix – and there is no better example of this than using calcium supplements for bone issues.

The second fact of physiology that is ignored in the thinking of nutritional supplementation is the role of the endocrine glands in the utilization of chemistry within the body. In the example of weakened bone structure we see clinically that this is rarely a case a lack in calcium nutrition, but is in fact due to the thyroid gland (one of the members of the endocrine glands system) being weak and so unable to perform its job of making sure calcium is used correctly in the body. When we drink milk for stronger bones we are way off target! And similarly, when we take calcium supplementation we are still not addressing the causative factors of the weakened endocrine glands system. So where do all those calcium supplements end up? Usually in your joints as arthritis, and your tissues as painful calcium crystals.

Consider the following example. Imagine that your thyroid gland is the manager of a supermarket and that the shelves of the shop are half empty. It would be easy for the ignorant observer to see that the shelves are half empty and to assume that the supermarket just needs more stock. So assume that day after day more stock is being poured into the warehouse out back and yet the manager is asleep – what do you think happens to all that stock? It builds up and causes trouble and never actually addresses the problem of the shelves being half empty – this will not be fixed until the manager is woken up and starts to send some orders!
So what do we do? Firstly we get our nutrition through whole foods where chemistry comes into your body the way nature has created it for your maximum benefit. Secondly, we wake up our endocrine glands through the highest electromagnetic foods available – ripe fruit and tissue specific botanical herbs.

Fruits, Herbs & Love.