One of The Most Dangerous Things For Your Health

One of the most dangerous things for your health is the tendency to do nothing about our health issues until something extremely intense happens that is beyond our threshold of tolerance. We soldier on, push forward, ignore the symptoms, dismiss the signs, dodge the intuition, numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs, food, sex and we keep repeating the same existing patterns of our lives while the various degrees of sickness, weight-gain, stress, depression and many forms of ‘disease’ get gradually worse. 

We do this way too long until something breaks and we physically can not go on anymore the way we have been. Only then does it seem that the mind temporarily surrenders and is open to considering new ideas. Our minds are so fixed, so stubborn. So focused on the work, the business, the money, the family, the project or whatever it thinks is more important than our health.

For some people these threshold moments come in the form of a C#nc#r diagnosis. For others it is finding a lump somewhere. For others it is a car accident. For some it is is when their weight or waist measurement passes a certain number. For others it’s a mini stroke. For some it is a session with a coach who loves them enough to push them to places that have never been pushed before so they can reach a threshold point and make a shift in their life. This is what I love to do with people. Help them wake up before its too late, on their own terms, while they still have time in this body, on this earth. 

Sometimes we are lucky to be still alive after these threshold moments and a window of opportunity opens for us to finally decide that we won’t take it any more enough is enough a change must be made. We know with every fibre of our being that a change has to be made and we will do whatever it takes. A new diet will be started. We stop the cigarettes. Pour the alcohol down the drain. Flush the marijuana down the toilet. Empty all the junk food out of the cupboard. 

A shift occurs vibrationally which ensures that the cause of the suffering will be obliterated.  Despite the intensity these are life changing beautiful moments. Sometimes however, it’s too late. We have let it go too far. The heart gives up. The body is overwhelmed. The C#nc#r has spread to all the organs. It is beyond the point of return. You needed to listen to it long ago but you didn’t. 

My goal is to help people awaken before its too late. This life is a gift. If you are asleep you are missing it. And it is what we are going to be doing at our upcoming retreat. Helping you to wake up before its too late and take charge of your health and life 

If you feel like there are some things in your life, in your health that you have been tolerating that you no longer want to tolerate but you want a system, a container, a team to help you do the work you need to do then we would love to connect with you. 

What I am offering is 10 x Free 30 minute “Threshold Sessions”. Here is the deal. 

  1. You have to be serious about making a change to your health
  2. You have to come with 1 thing you want to change that you are sick of  
  3. You have to be committed to changing it
  4. You have to be interested in joining us for the Awaken Your Infinite Self 10 Week program and retreat in Bali and have access to the resources to make that happen. 

I will take you through a 30 minute process that will push you into a threshold experience and you will have a chance to make a change for once and for all. 

At the end of the session we can discuss whether the retreat is something you want to do. 

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