Reviewing The Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist

Rose water skincare toners are not new. In fact, they have been used since ancient times. Rose water skincare toners are usually sold as skincare products of high pH with a light rose scent, but the benefits of pure rose water skincare toners are not consistent. When shopping for skincare products while on summer vacation, I wanted to try different toners containing rose water and was attracted to Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist immediately after testing it because it felt so great when I sprayed it on my skin!



Why choose Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist?

What Amaki does is revolutionary. I did my research online and discovered that this product is in fact a skincare toner made from 100% natural ingredients alone - no preservatives or additives needed! This proves that Amaki has combined only the best skincare ingredients together to form their range of skincare products, which does not irritate the face and provides flawless skincare.

Soothes dry skin

The rose water in Amaki Hydrating Mist nourishes dry and sensitive skin, unlike any other product. This hydrating toner can be used anywhere and anytime to help your skin feel refreshed and healthy. Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist is a great product for anybody with dry or acne-prone skin. Amaki's products have always been consistent when it comes to quality, so buying Amaki is a safe choice!

Restores your skin's pH balance

Rose water skincare toner used alone, generally, will only hydrate your skin but they fail in maintaining moisture of the skin due to its low pH level of 3. However,  Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist is different from those skincare products that contain rose water or other moisturizing agents as it promotes a healthy skin tone with its high pH level between 4-5!

Makes you feel refreshed 

Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist has an amazing smell as well as a texture that makes you feel like you're doing something good for your skin every time you spray this on! The scent is so pleasant, especially during hot summer days where sweat often accumulates. Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist costs $21.85 which is not expensive, and it works so well that I think it's worth every cent.

Prevents acne breakouts

The rose oil helps cleanse pores to prevent acne breakouts. It also helps reduce redness from acne breakouts because it is rich in antioxidants. In addition, rose flower water keeps skincare products more effective on the skin when added to them. It also calms damaged skin by restoring its protective barrier, which will give your skincare a boost in terms of results.

How To Apply?

Whereas most skincare products are used after taking off makeup or during the skincare regimen, Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist can be applied any time of the day for softer skin. After spraying it on the face, you will feel refreshed and ready for anything. I don't need to apply skincare products right after as it retains moisture of the skin which helps in preventing skin tone from changing throughout the day. Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist does not make your face feel sticky or greasy.

Furthermore, it can also be sprayed on makeup brushes to prevent them from drying out and cracking. Rose water is one skincare product that can really help the skin feel softer and look healthier. What's even more important is that Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist is all-natural so you can trust that this product will not harm your skin! It does not contain any additives, sulfates, alcohol, dyes, or parabens. This is definitely my favorite Amaki product!


Skincare is very important because it keeps our bodies healthy. Amaki has always been committed to giving its customers high-quality products. Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist definitely lives up to Amaki's standards. Just one spray of Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist is enough to have nice-smelling skin! Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist really does make your skin hydrated while enhancing your complexion and preventing acne from forming. It kills two birds with one stone so you don't need to use any other skincare product.

All in all, the benefits of Amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist skincare are endless. Every penny spent on this skincare product is worth it because one would not regret purchasing such a great skincare product that prevents acne, and soothes dry skin in addition to boosting one's confidence with its pleasant rose scent that refreshes one's mind and body.