The Body As A Fish Tank

When I was first learning about the whole Dr Robert Morse approach to health I was struggling to put all the pieces together in a way that my simple mind could grasp. I kept bouncing it around in my mind and trying to come up with a metaphor that made sense. I learnt long ago that I learnt things most easily when I connected a new concept with a concept I already understood. That is why I like metaphors and examples.

I came up with the metaphor of a fish tank to help simplify and communicate for a detoxification talk I did early this year and it seemed to work ok. People seemed to get it which was great.

So here it is and I hope it helps you.

Think of your body like a really smart fishtank ecosystem with an inbuilt self repairing genius. Your fishtank has lots of little fish swimming around happily in the water (think of the fish just like cells). There are around about 100 trillion cells in your body. So back to the fish..Each fish does 3 things. They eat, they perform a function or a process and they excrete wastes. This is exactly what your cells do too. The fish are bathing in fluids.. just like your cells. The water the fish are swimming in needs to stay at a slightly alkaline balance. When the fish eat too much of the wrong acid forming processed foods the system is unable to keep up with proper elimination of wastes the acid wastes accumulate in the tank.

The acids are hot. They begin to burn away at everything in the tank including the fish. After a while the tank gets more and more acidic and the fish get more and more unhappy and some begin to die. The ecosystem does its best to protect the fish any way it can from the acids. It has a few tricks up its sleeve. First it holds onto more water and by retaining more water it dilutes the acids somewhat. This is what your body is doing when you get bloating, edema, inflammation. But this is only a short term measure and it needs to dig deeper to keep the fish alive.

The fish tank in its wisdom tries its best to buffer the acids by pulling the cooling, soothing alkaline (base) chemistry from the tank to put out the fire created by the hot acids. It grabs calcium from the structure of the tank (the bones and from the connective tissue. This is where we start to see issues like osteoporosis and hernias.) This weakens the structure and compromises the overall health of the fish-tank even further. But the acid wastes keep building up and the ph continues on its downward slide going down from 7.2 to 6, then to 5 pm.

So the tank scrambles and it creates a thick layer of cholesterol and puts layers of it all over the tank to absorb the acids and protect the little fish..(This is where we see excess fat storage, congestive heart disease, heart attacks, stroke. All of these issues have at their core a build up of cholesterol and a weakening of tissue). The cholesterol protection works well to buffer the acids… but it is a double edge sword because while it protects from the acids it significantly compromises their ability to function and do their job properly. Think of the main filtration system in the tank which is the sewage system that cleanses out the wastes from the fish becomes eroded inflamed and twice its normal size (kidneys).

Further to this a hardened layer of slime, mucous and wastes builds up rendering the filtration system completely useless. At this point the trillions of little fish are not at all happy. They are not functioning properly. They are dying. They are not doing the processes they used to do. They are sluggish. They begin to move slower. They normally operate at the speed of light thousands of processes but those process are not operating at anywhere near the same speed. Pretty soon they start to mutate because of all the acidity and the mutations are replicated as the baby fish are born.

You contact a fish tank Doctor and he looks at all the symptoms and tells you that you need to put 7 different medications to treat all the symptoms that are happening. He doesn’t realize that all of the issues are simply being caused by the acidic environment in the tank due to improper elimination of fish poop (cellular wastes by the lymphatic system). These medications all are highly acidic and further add to the acidic burden on the tank.

The fish-tank tries to sweat the toxins out of its skin but it is unable to due to all the acids that are trapped on the walls of the tank. The protective layer is letting nothing in or out. So the doctor suggests that you throw chemo into the tank instantaneously. The chemo is 3.5 on the acid scale and is almost pure acid. So even more acid is thrown in to the acidic environment creating even more chaos for the poor little fishes. All along the journey the same processed toxic foods are being pumped into the tank.

One day the caretaker of the fish tank has a realization. He realizes that the water that the fish are in has become toxic. He realizes that they key to fixing all the problems (disease, pain, inflation) is to help clean the tank. He changes the food source over to organic unprocessed ideal fish food (fruits) and he then helps the filtration system to start functioning again by cleaning it up and giving it a good service (taking kidney herbs).

Within no time the tank shows signs of improvements. All the brown gunk starts coming out of the tank out of the filter systems. The water starts to run clear again. The layers of gunk fade away. The fishes get a smile back on their faces and get their swagger back. Its a happy time in fish-ville once again.

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