The Great Bacteria Misunderstanding

Bacteria live in your body, they live in your house, they live in your dog, on your food, and in your office ~ in fact, bacteria live and proliferate pretty much everywhere, and they do so because they exist to perform a very important role. However, these omnipresent little beings have for the past 150 years been the main target of mainstream medicine in the war on ‘disease’. The theory that bacteria is the cause of ‘disease’ has led to the widespread, systematic and generous use of antibiotics by the medical community and a large part of the chronic decline in the health of human beings.

This theory and the subsequent medical practice of constant antibiotic use makes the same crucial mistake present in almost all medical theories – this is that it does not address the causative factors of why symptoms are present. Like most all modern medical practices, the use of antibiotics is the result of treatment-based thinking in which the symptom is addressed and the cause is ignored. This is why symptoms of ‘disease’ persist, why no one ever gets cured, and why human health is at an all time low. It is true that very often the presence of bacteria is found is places of ‘disease’ in the human body, but before killing these little beings off with antibiotics we need to ask the critical question: ‘why are bacteria here in the first place?’

Humans love to consume, we consume just about everything we can without a second thought. However, there is an equal and opposite side to consumption that we think very little of and this is the side of elimination. Wherever there is consumption in the world, there must also be elimination. This is a common pattern throughout nature – humans consume and eliminate, animals consume and eliminate, trees consume and eliminate, even your car consumes and eliminates waste. Luckily, there are a group of beings that just love the eliminative side of life. These beings are bacteria and they are the great janitors of the world – the things that we loathe, they love, and the waste that we eliminate, they consume. What modern medical theory fails to appreciate is that when we find an overgrowth of bacteria present within the body we must understand that they are only there because there is an overburden of eliminative waste, and their job is to break down this waste.

The wastes that we are talking about are cellular wastes. These are highly acidic wastes that when not removed from the body via the lymphatic system, burn and damage cells and result in what is commonly referred to as ‘disease’ (read more here). The chronic and misguided use of pharmaceutical antibiotics to control bacteria within the body results not only in the killing off of the janitors that are present to help break down that waste, but they also cause considerable additional congestion and stagnation of the lymphatic system.

So what is the solution?

When faced with an overgrowth of bacteria within the body we must address the cause of why they are there, and this is a much more serious issue that the bacteria themselves. We must address the chronic congestion and acidity of our lymphatic systems – the sewage system of the human body. The presence of bacteria in the human body is all about ‘culture-medium’ – what that means is that when our bodies are in a state of acidity from too much acid wastes that are not being removed from the body, bacteria proliferates. It also means that when we cleanse and alkalinise the body through a process of detoxification of the lymphatic system, bacteria have no reason to be present.