The Healing Power of Plantain

Spotlight on The Healing Power of Plantain

When I first ventured into the world of Holistic health, I had no idea how big of a role botanical herbs would play in my life. I used to think herbs had medicinal (but very gentle) effects on the body. As I studied more I began to realize that the western medicine of our time is often chemical copy cats trying to do what earths medicine actually does (without the harsh side effects!) It’s amazing! I learned that the only reason our allopathic doctors have been trained to prescribe prescription drugs is because there is no money or patents in herbal remedies. I felt like I had been duped. and we have been duped! Without going on a tangent about the dark side of “Big Pharma,” I’d rather like to educate and empower you to know what herbal remedies are available and how they can improve your life. The first herb that I feel inspired to bring awareness to is Plantain, or Plantago Major. Also, known in the back country as white mans foot, ripple grass, snakeweed or weybroed. This isn’t the banana shaped food we’re talking about, but the green herb.

Plantain is a Sacred Herb

Herbalists often call plantain the “Mother of Plants” and it is considered to be a sacred herb. It is a perennial herb with fibrous roots and leaves that grow low to the ground with flowering stems. It grows through out the world but commonly in North America. Plantain has many medicinal uses and whether in the form of tincture, oil infusion, poultice, eye wash, tea, or salve- you can find remedy in many different delivery systems. If you are out on a walk and get bit by a mosquito or stung by a bee, you can quickly create a spit poultice and apply it to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. Plantain contains a chemical compound called allantoin- which is commonly known for healing and conditioning the skin by binding moisture which heals and soothes dry skin, scars, burns, cuts and rashes. The digestive system is also greatly benefited by plantain, it can relieve irritable bowel syndrome, balance an overly acidic stomach and heal ulcers. For tooth aches, try chewing a piece of the plantain root to help reduce inflammation and draw out infection. The plants diuretic effect reduces water retention and eliminates kidney infections.

Find Plantain in Many of Dr. Morse’s Herbal Formulas

There is no end of medicinal uses with this herb! It’s long list of actions in the body include: antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiseptic, astringent, blood purifier, demulcent, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, immune stimulant, pectoral, and more. It is no surprise that Plantain is an herb used in several of Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanical Formulas. One of my favorite formulas that utilizes the power of Plantain is the G.I Broom. This powerhouse combo of herbs was created to not only remove toxic buildup (mucoid plaque) on the intestinal wall, but also to pull through the intestinal wall into the lymphatic system where lymph stagnation causes mal-absorption. The G.I Broom cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and heals and soothes inflammation. In a powerful but gentle way it removes sulfur accumulation and other toxic chemicals that have been stored in the GI wall. You can also find plantain in our featured product of the month; The Healing Salve!

Visit Our Botanicals online today to see the many different herbal products to begin your healing journey. You don’t have to be suffering with disease to bring the magic of these herbs into your life. In fact they are a very special key in cleansing and strengthening all the systems of your body before you are having any health problems. That’s the true meaning of preventative medicine! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the herbs in our formulas or want any information on how our formulas can help you.