The Restorative Power of Licorice Root

Finding New Levels of Peace With Licorice Root

I recently had some first hand experience with the restorative and healing power of Our Licorice Root Extract. Just a little over a week ago I found myself with a sore throat and knew this was the first symptom of many to come. I began by adding it to my strong herbal teas, because I really love its natural sweetness.It can make a strong oregano tea taste delightful. After a few days of drinking this tea, I noticed despite being “sick” (or going through a healing crisis), and despite working long hour days and having a lot of things on my to-do list, I was very relaxed in comparison to the weeks before. Not only was I relaxed but I was getting very deep and restful sleep. I had read quite recently that Licorice Root was healing for the Adrenal Glands, but I didn’t expect to see such fast changes from using it. Because of this experience I have been doing a little more research on Licorice Root to see if in fact, this was the herb that was making me feel so calm and peaceful. And I was very pleased with the information that I found…

Incredible Health Benefits

Licorice Root, also known as “Sweet Root” is very popular with herbalists not only for its sweet taste that masks the bitter and foul taste of other herbs- but it is also widely used for it’s own amazing healing properties. It’s commonly known to be anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe irritated mucosal tissue. In the digestive tract, licorice is used to treat issues such as stomach ulcers, leaky gut syndrome, hepatitis, and acid reflux. This herb is a common ingredient in natural cough syrups because it helps relieve a cough and expectorate mucous. What I personally find so special about Licorice Root is its incredible power to heal and restore the adrenal glands. This is an herb you want to look into if you are experiencing adrenal burnout. Its hormone balancing qualities also makes licorice a perfect herbal remedy for treating steroid dependency, helping patients wean off these strong drugs with fewer side effects. It is also used to treat PMS, and other hormone related complaints.

How to Safely Use Licorice Root

Because Licorice root is a powerful medicine – it is important to be aware when self healing with it. The key to using licorice safely is not to take too much for long periods of time.  Doing two weeks on the herb and then a week off is commonly suggested by herbalists for licorice root in particular. The chemical responsible for licorice’s sweetness is called glycyrrhiza, which can cause potentially dangerous side effects at prolonged high doses. Glycyrrhiza is notorious for raising blood pressure and depleting potassium, so those with edema, severe liver issues, or heart problems should be closely monitored by a health professional when taking licorice. Keeping salt intake low and potassium intake high can minimize these effects.

When used in small doses, on and off again- this herb has incredible restorative power to our adrenal glands and nervous system. It is even known for relieving depression. After carrying herbal blends that contain several herbs we have received many requests to carry single herb tinctures. This is sometimes helpful for those who don’t want to introduce too many different herbs to their system at once or really just want to experiment with one type of herb to see how it does with their body and specific health conditions. Providing Our Licorice Root as a single herbal tincture was one of our top picks because of it’s unique healing abilities. We hope you give it a try and do let us know what you think!