The Natural Health field can be blamed at times for throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to dismissing the practices of modern medical doctors. Sometimes it even feels as though a battle is being waged between the two parties as each modality strives to be seen as being ‘right’. However, it is very important for both your own health journey, and your own balance to understand that the medical industry has its place, as does natural health.

The constant stream of people coming to our clinic after going through the medical industry and having their health worse off than when they began is never ending, and deeply saddening. It is the result of medical doctors believing that the principles of emergency medicine should be applied to health care and chronic illness, and that the same principles used to save someone in a car crash can be applied to someone suffering long-term depression or C#nc#r. We can think about this in terms of our social system also. There are times when a government must become a dictatorship in times of great crisis and emergency when decisions must be made quickly and followed precisely. However, if these principles are generalised outside of emergency situations then we end up with tyranny. It is the wisdom to know when to act, and the humility of knowing when to hand the power to others that makes this work – and this is what is lacking in modern medicine today.

The truth is simply that the modern medical industry has overstepped its practices beyond its education, and this has caused no end of trouble. We must understand that although we talk about ‘health care’, the medical industry knows nothing about health. Never in their education as medical doctors are students taught about health and this is why when you talk to your doctor about your dietary changes, meditation practice, and exercise program you receive blank looks, anger, or dismissive remarks. What they have been taught in great length is emergency medicine.

Emergency medicine is the limited jurisdiction of medical doctors, and when you have a tumour that has become too large, or you have broken your arm, you will be very grateful to find a skilled surgeon and some wisely used pharmaceuticals to help. But when you have chronic health issues, you need someone who has expertise in health and healing – this is when you can talk to us.