Your physical body is essentially just a bunch of cells wrapped around a hollow pipe running from the mouth to your rectum. It is through the wall of this pipe that the nutrition from your food is absorbed into your blood stream and taken to the cells. This pipe is called the Gastro-Intestinal Tract and the wide spread congestion of this GI tract is the cause of a multitude of health issues in people today.

The first, and most commonly known factor of congestion within the GI tract is what we call ‘constipation’. This is when our digestive wastes move too slowly through the GI tract and we experience less than 2-3 bowel movements a day. This is most often caused by poor food combining choices and the eating of large quantities of meats, breads, pastas etc. These foods move through the body very slowly as they are very difficult for the body to digest, and so instead of being removed quickly through the bowels, they rot inside you.

This causes the build up of mucus in our GI tract, the rotting process brings in an army of bacteria, fungus and parasites who flourish in such conditions, and the whole process inflames the bowel wall causing discomfort and pain.

The second, and less mentioned aspect of GI tract congestion is the congestion of fluids that surround the cells that make up the actual wall of the pipe. Every gland, organ, blood, and tissue is all made up of cells and this includes the tissues of the GI Tract. These cells are bathed in two fluids with the minority fluid being the blood that feeds the cells, and the majority fluid being lymphatic fluid that cleans the cells. When these fluids become acidic through the foods we eat, the air we breath and most importantly the weakness of our kidneys and endocrine glands, our lymphatic fluid begins to thick and become congested.

This congestion of the body’s sewage system means that the highly acidic waste of 100 trillion cells is not being removed and rather it sits with the cell in much the same way that a baby’s poop sits with it when it does not get its nappies changed. In the same way that a baby’s bottom begins to burn when it does not get its nappies changed, your cells begin to burn when the lymphatic fluid is not taking its waste away. This burning of the cells within the GI tract due to a congested lymphatic system is the cause of a whole range of bowel issues including ‘irritable bowel syndrome’, ‘Crohn’s disease’, and ‘intestinal ulcers’.

The GI BROOM herbal formula is made from powerful Botanical Herbs that specifically target the GI tract to pull acidic wastes out of the wall of the bowel and move the build up of both lymphatic and digestive wastes out of the body. Using the GI BROOM along with a lifestyle high in ripe fruits and leafy greens will clean out your bowels like you would not believe so that you feel light, unbloated, and soothed in the tissues of the bowel. We constantly receive emails from clients making great progress in their health with the help of these Herbs and we want to encourage you to bring Powerful Botanical Herbs into your life anyway possible – either with Dr Morse’s Botanical Formulas from Our Botanicals, or by getting out in the garden and finding your own!