Understanding You & Your Menstruation

We have been receiving a number of emails about Menstruation recently – too much, too little, changes with age, its role etc. So please let me explain this delicate topic a little here.

Your monthly cycle has two elements to it.

Firstly, your period is dictated by your glands

Primarily your ovaries and your pituitary glands as they create the hormones and steroids that act as ‘emails’ telling the cells in your body what to do and when. We often see in women that have been using ‘the pill’ for long periods of time that their cycle takes a long time to become regular again. This is because ‘the pill’ is giving your body synthetic steroids and hormones and whenever we give the body something that it would usually make itself then those glands shut down. This is just the same as when you suddenly start to clean up after your child or partner, very quickly they stop even trying and if you then stop cleaning up, the house will go through a time of filth before your partner or child begins to do their work again. So when we see irregularity of the egg cycle then we know that we have weakness in those endocrine glands and we need to focus on regenerating them.

Secondly, how heavy is your period?

The second element is the heaviness of the bleeding. The bleeding that you experience during your cycle is simple the uterus cleansing itself and the more acidic the tissues of the uterus are, the more bleeding will occur. What we see clinically is that during detoxification some nasty blood clots and mucus are commonly passed out of the vagina, toxic build ups that you never knew could exist in your precious lady parts. However “disgusting” this may seem, it is a joy to see them be removed from you body as you know that it is better out that in. As we begin to cleanse and strengthen the tissues of the uterus and surrounding area we consistently see the bleeding become less and less as the body have less acidity to deal with. In fact, in many women that move way up into a high fruit and herbs lifestyle over time their bleeding can reduce to no more than some light spotting a few days a month. We certainly do not see the heavy bleeding commonly experienced by women when we look into the animal kingdom. It is only in cases on chronic illness that we see the same bleeding in animals.

So please, find inspiration here to begin the process of cleansing and strengthening your body’s glands and tissues, especially if you have been living with heavy cycles and which to change that.

I would suggest beginning your herbal protocol with THE FAB FIVE FORMULAS and FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE to cleanse and strengthen both the lady area, your endocrine glands that govern the body, and also the body’s sewage system called the lymphatic system. The HEAL ALL TEA is also an excellent formula to sip on all day and it was in fact designed originally as a tea to douche with. So please, go crazy with this powerful herbal tea and pour it is every spot you can think of

Don’t be made to think that health is something that only the highly academic can understand. Health is very simple and you can take control of yours through very simple steps we will discuss next post. Please continue to send us your questions about Detoxification, Psychological Well-Being, and Herbal Protocols. We are always more than happy to walk with you down the road towards health and healing.