What Is Seasonal Eating?


Wherever there are people there are controversies – this is true in the Middle-East and it is true in the Raw Food movement. When viewing the often conflicting information given by various health food teachers, it is critical that we keep in mind the three different stages of our health journeys.

Stage 1: Detoxification.

When individuals are in a stage of chronic illness and are seeking remedy then this is the stage they must enter. Detoxification is a process of breaking down congested waste and eliminating it from the body through the appropriate channels of elimination. Herbs are an essential tool in your toolkit during this time. It is also the process of regenerating and strengthening the endocrine glands that govern the body, including the four systems of absorption, digestion, utilization, and elimination.

Detoxification is about bringing our energies inward in a focused manner that allows the balance of  the alkaline/feminine side of chemistry to be re-established within the body and mind. Detoxification is therefore a materially restrictive stage where our activity in minimized, our stress is minimized, and our diet is minimized and focused on high energy, high astringents, and low metabolic waste. On the practical level this means Fruits, Herbs, and Love. Our favorite formula to aid in this very important first stage is Our Healing Tea. Some awesome ladies in our community have even opted for a supercharged detoxification journey by fasting on Our Healing Tea. You can read more about their experience here.

It is important to note that this stage of Detoxification is not necessarily meant to last forever…

Stage 2: Building.

When we have processed and eliminated the cellular, digestive, parasitic, and toxic wastes within our bodies and strengthened our organs and glands to a point that we feel gives us the health we desire, it is time to move to the next stage. This second stage is one of building and it is the stage most discussed by high performance athletes and body builders.

Characteristics of the building stage are pumping high amounts of greens, sprouts and super-foods that are super high mineral content. Also, higher quantities of fruits that in Detoxification and with an emphasis on heavier fruits such as bananas and dates. The amount of physical activity able to be reached in this stage seems to be limitless and the vegan lifestyle shines within this stage. Our favorite herbal formulas to support building your body are Medi-Shrooms I Licorice Root Extract and Ashwagandha Extract. These three are adaptogenic and will help to balance and strengthen your body's glands and tissues.

Stage 3: Balance.

This is the most important stage of all and the one in which you can stay for years if you are careful to maintain a healthy, non mucus forming lifestyle. When we have eliminated that which is obscuring our health to a degree that we are content with, it is time to balance out and create a sustained balanced life. If you are in this stage we recommend continuing to drink Our Healing Tea regularly for it's restorative and protective benefits.