There is no doubt that proteins are used for numerous important tasks within the human body including repair of body tissue, hormone production, and nutrient transport. However, the mainstream understanding of the relationship between the protein we eat, and the protein we use within our bodies is very poorly understood.

The truth is that our bodies require human protein – not cow protein, not egg protein, not spinach protein, or any other protein.. But human protein.

Proteins are very large molecules, too large in fact to be absorbed and used by our bodies. When we consume protein from any source, whether animal or plant, our bodies must spend a large amount of energy in order to break down these large proteins into their smaller constituents called ‘amino acids’ – this process is called digestion and it is from these amino acids that our bodies can then build human protein.

So the question should therefore not be ‘where do you get your protein?’, but rather ‘where do you get your amino acids?’

Beautiful fruits, vegetables, and leafy green herbs are full of the amino acids we need, and the digestion of these foods does not create all of the acidic metabolic waste that causes so many problems during the digestion of animal proteins.

So, build yourself a strong body through consuming clean sources of amino acids, and strengthen the endocrine glands that are in charge of utilising those building blocks with tissue specific herbs.