Our Healing Tea
Our Healing Tea
Our Healing Tea
Our Healing Tea
Our Healing Tea
Our Healing Tea
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A Herbal Formula of:

  • White Oak Bark
  • Plantain Leaf
  • Black Walnut hull
  • Chaparral Leaf
  • Calendular
  • Oat Straw Burdock Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Nettle Leaf

This tea was created as a powerful detoxifier and regenerator of your body. You can douche with it, use it as a mouthwash, or use it as an enema.

Our Healing Tea is a favorite in our community for a wide range of health issues with testimonials ranging from skin issues to endometriosis!

Our potent herbal blend for detoxifying cells and supporting the endocrine glands

When our clients ask us for one herbal formula they can take to address a number of their symptoms, we always first recommend Our Healing Tea. Our customers love it and swear by it in their journey of health and healing.

Over the years we have discovered a few tricks in making Our Healing Tea so that it is really strong, lasts a long time, and is super simple to prepare.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Mike Wilson
Great heal-all substitute if they ever get it back!

This tea is great....

I have been checking in here periodically to repurchase for the better part of a year and this has been unavailable the entire time. Very disappointing, hence the 3 and not 5 stars.

Dr. Morse has restocked his for a while now, but now you get 7oz for the same price as 14oz was (pre-pandemic prices), plus insane shipping and customs fees if you're not in the U.S.

Allison Emory

Our Healing Tea

Our Healing tea and Rose buds and petals tea

We Love your Healing Tea! We have it every morning to start our day. The Rose buds and petals is awesome too! Great quality and superb taste! Thanks for two great products!!!💝

Dan Andrews
Optimum good health.

I’m drinking it every day and have aquired a taste for it and I enjoy it.

A Real Energy Drink

I have been drinking Our Healing Tea for several months now. I have more energy and don't require as much sleep as I did before. The tea is delicious without sugar and I drink it all day. Hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Mmmmm good! I highly recommend it.