Adrenal and Nervous System+ Bundle

Adrenal and Nervous System+ Bundle

Adrenal and Nervous System+ Bundle

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Our Adrenal and Nervous System+ Bundle is a way support a healthy stress response and to promote healthy adrenal function.

Adrenal and Nervous System+ Bundle Includes:

  • Ashwagandha Organic Extract - Used in medicine as an energizer of the human body, and a memory support herb
  • Our Magnesium Super-Shot - Essential for energy production, glutathione synthesis, cell integrity, detoxification, muscular and neurological function, pH balance and cardiovascular health
  • Medi Shrooms - Supports and promotes healthy immune function, and may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Brain and Neural Tincture - Supports brain and neural function
  • Omega-D3 with Astaxanthin - Supports brain and cardiovascular health

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marci McClure
Fantastic Staff

I am so please with the customer service. I had a million questions because of my allergies and the staff was very willing to help and just overall very kind!

Anabel Lee
Easy To Swallow

The taste of each of these products isn't bad at all. I am so happy with how this boosted my natural energy. The Omega pills are slightly bigger but they taste amazing and are not at all fishy!

Sydnee Quinn

This bundle has changed my life. I've struggled with ADHD for 5 years now and this has naturally helped my focus. I am especially fond of the Ashwagandha Organic Extract. It tastes great and I put a few drops in my morning coffee every day!

Kyle Fugerson

This is a magical bundle. I have never felt so calm and overall...just happier. I can feel my brain and energy just feel more balanced which is different for me. Highly recommend!

Jannie W.
Happy With My Order!

I am very content with my order. It shipped quickly and nothing was damaged in transit. Especially saw a difference after taking the Omega. There was NO fishy taste!!