Detox Miracle Sourcebook - Dr Robert Morse N.D.

Detox Miracle Sourcebook - Dr Robert Morse N.D.

Detox Miracle Sourcebook - Dr Robert Morse N.D.

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In my humble opinion, this book should serve as your foundational manual for how to thoroughly heal and regenerate the physical, mental and emotional bodies of any health-complaint. The author [Dr. Morse] does well in explaining the art and science of true detoxification.

Just some of the many things this book takes you through include:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • The various body systems (respiratory system, endocrine gland system etc.)
  • Explains the various constituents that make up our foods (vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, acids, alkaloids, tannins, enzymes, etc.), as well as illuminating the protein myth and exploring the root causes of dis-ease.

You’ll be educated on one of the most misunderstood phases of getting well as you dig deeper into the body in order to detoxify, namely, the ‘Healing Crisis’. A phase that can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several weeks. This, in many cases, is the body’s greatest opportunity to purge and cleanse itself. Anything can happen during the healing crisis – and it is thus important for the individual to be prepared in case it happens.

The book contains brief introductory overviews of noeable therapeutic modalities that could prove very benefical to practitioners and clients alike. As will also be noted, Dr. Morse has an affinity toward the botanical kingdom and use of herbs for restoration of health.

If you expect a book chuck full of color pictures, then this one may not be for you. This is a text-heavy, but well-written, essential, empowering and straight-to-the-point reference book to have in your library.