Focus and Attention+ Bundle

Focus and Attention+ Bundle

Focus and Attention+ Bundle

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Focus and Attention+ Bundle Includes:

Medi Shrooms
Brain and Neural Tincture
ADHD Vitamin Support Formula

Our Focus and Attention+ Bundle is designed to improve focus and attentiveness using the latest advances in the fields of psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine and neuroscience.


✓ Medi Shrooms - proprietary blend of six amazing mushrooms which has been specifically designed to help you live your best life, naturally

✓ Brain and Neural Tincture - supports brain and neural function

✓ ADHD Vitamin Support Formula - vitamins and minerals for neurological, metabolic and digestive support

✓ Focusene - comprehensive natural nootropic supplement designed to improve focus and attentiveness


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lilly Rodgers
If you don't have're missing out

GIRL!!!!!!! Please don't even mess around just get this. I have seen a huge difference in my attention! I work from home because of the pandemic and it's been so hard to get my work done without getting distracted with the kids. This has been amazing and I am so happy that it's such a good deal!


I can't wait to get these as presents for my family this winter! Forget stupid clothes that get lost over time, this is what every teenager in my family is getting!! I see a HUGE difference in my kid and his focus. He started loving school again and wasn't as frustrated with himself if he lost concentration. Fabulous!!!

Malika Johnson

I add the Brain and Neural Tincture into my tea every morning and have seen a huge difference! I'm a big believer in trying the natural route before doing anything else.

Macro F.
ADHD Vitamin Support Formula IS AMAZING!!!

The ADHD Vitamin Support Formula is outstanding! It tastes great and has helped me keep my attention on certain tasks for longer periods.

Nella Ester
I am so pleased!

Having ADHD had been hard on my teenage duagher. She can't focus when studying, has trouble keeping a conversation, and has started to lose her confidence. However, this bundle has been life-changing! I feel like she's finally getting back to her normal self!