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Natural Memory and Focus Supplement

A comprehensive natural nootropic supplement designed to improve focus and attentiveness using the latest advances in the fields of psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine and neuroscience.†

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Norma Jean Huerta
Thank you!!

Love this product, really helps my cousin!!

Diane Hill
calms my busy mind

This product calms my busy mind. I wasn't 100% sure if it was working and was off of it for about 2 weeks and reordered. I couldn't wait to start taking them again. That's when I noticed the dramatic difference! Thank You!

James williams jr
Results without side effects great product!

Focusene has help me tremendously, i am 25 and have had ADD all my life and so focusing has been a challenge. In my 1 st day of taking Focusene co workers and supervisor said they could see a big difference in me i seemed more focused. On my part i noticed it was easier to stay focused and i could multi task which normally is super hard but now im finding stride. This is a very good product i like to take it 2 hours before i begin work and take wyoth lots of water. This is a good natural supplement. I have taken prescription meds for add and the side effects were bad to say the least, not the case with Focusene, i get results bit with out sacrificing health. If you have ADD or ADHD give it a try!

Misty Brown
Works great but pollen allergy sufferers beware

Noticed I was able to pay attention after a week. But if your have pollen allergies keep your claritin on hand.

Lorene Garrett
Memory and focus

My son is getting ready to go to College. He spaces out during important meetings and we have noticed an improvement although he hasn't been taking it for very long. Hopefully. The longer he continues to take it the better the improvement will be. Thank You!