Immunity Builder Bundle

Immunity Builder Bundle
Immunity Builder Bundle
Immunity Builder Bundle
Immunity Builder Bundle
Immunity Builder Bundle
Immunity Builder Bundle
Immunity Builder Bundle

Immunity Builder Bundle

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Immunity Builder Bundle Includes:

Our Healing Tea
Our Medi-Shrooms
Our Vitamin C Super-Shot
Our Zinc Super-Shot
Micellized Liquid Vitamin D

 Our Immunity Bundle is designed with supplements to support the body's natural defenses. This ultimate immunity bundle will support white blood cell production, cells which are crucial in your body's immune response. Each supplement in this carefully curated bundle will work together to help your body thrive.

✓Our Healing Tea - promotes detoxification and helps to balance energy, digestion and overall mood

✓Medi-shrooms - protects the liver, eases inflammation, helps fight viruses, bacteria and candida, and modulates the immune system

✓Vitamin C Super-Shot - has been shown to support white blood cell production which is crucial to your body's immune response

✓Zinc Super-Shot - supports immune health and is critical for detoxification, sensory function, cell integrity and production

Liquid Vitamin D - supports the body's immune response

✓Herbathione - uses therapeutic doses of herbs used to boost support for the body’s own ability to detoxify itself

This Bundle Is Great For:

✧Supporting Healthy Immune Response Fighting Cold, Flu and Other Viruses
Recovering More Quickly Lessoning Severity Of Disease

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amanda Brown
Great bundle for the whole family!

My daughter has a weak immune system and she was complaining that she wasn’t feeling well so we ordered this bundle to boost our immune systems as a family in hopes of preventing a household outbreak. Her situation improved tremendously since she started on this bundle. We have been all very pleased with these products and found them very easy to incorporate into our daily regimen. We’ll definitely keep these on hand for the whole family.

Ivie Cox
Value immunity bundle.

I like the value and ease of taking these supplements. It's a lot easier for me to incorporate this in my daily routine than taking multi-capsules. They are gentle on my stomach. I feel good about boosting my immune system and not having to break the bank doing so.

Reanna Williams
Definitely a keeper!

Solid combo for boosting immunity at a great price. Amazing customer service and on-time shipment to your doorsteps with no hassle. Definitely a keeper!

Kristen Mcnamara
Highly recommended immunity bundle!

The best immunity builder bundle! Very powerful supplements have all the immunity elements your body needs! I see many customers daily but my immune system fighting hard thanks to these gems. Highly recommended.

Mark Gonzales
100% Get this!

A total immune boost package! Perfect for essential workers like us who have to be around many people every day!