Our Deep Heat Herbal Ointment

Our Deep Heat Herbal Ointment

Our Deep Heat Herbal Ointment

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Our Herbal Deep Heat provides powerful healing support for tissue stress, trauma and pain. Muscle pain is common; we all experience it from time to time. Whether you have overexerted yourself or just want to soothe sore muscles, this herbal heat rub will help regenerate those aching muscles. Rub directly into the muscles or joints that are suffering pain. The constancy of the ointment allows it to be spread easily with no spills or drips. Use for general aches and pains.

A Herbal Salve Formulated With:

Menthol Crystal (Corn Mint), Plantain leaf, Cayenne pepper fruit, Lobelia herb/seed pod, White Oak bark, St. John’s Wort herb, Ginger root, Black Walnut hull, Marshmallow root, Arnica flower, Calendula flower, Gravel root, White Willow bark, Mullein leaf, Horsetail herb, Wormwood herb, Scullcap herb.

Other ingredients: 

Olive Oil, Aloe vera oil, Birch Essential Oil, Beeswax


Apply generously as a topical ointment onto the skin. Massage on and immediately around the area of sore, aching muscle. Provides deep penetrating relief of stiff joints, tendons, and muscle pain due to overuse or temporary inflammation.*Avoid sensitive areas of the body such as eyes and genitals. Not recommended for use if nursing or pregnant.

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Customer Reviews

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Does exactly what it is supposed to

Does exactly what it is supposed to only better than any other pain relief creams you can buy at the store. The herbal natural element makes all the difference, I am constantly amazed at how many ways herbs can be used to heal and benefit the human body. Our Botanicals out did themselves with this salve! Thank You Our Botanicals for helping so many people.


Wow, this actually worked amazingly on my strained ankle. Love how many way I can use herbs!

Rohan Callander

I have been looking for a great herbal salve for muscle stress after workouts etc – since we wanted something really awesome, we made our dream muscle pain salve ourselves 🙂