Voice Box Tea
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Dr Robert Morse’s Voice Box Tea

Systemic Actions: 

Cleans the throat tissues of impurities, rebuilds and strengthens tissues, acts as an anti-infammatory, astringent, demulcent, amollient, expectorant, mucilant, antispasmodic, nervine, cellular proliferator.

Traditional & Historical Usage: 

Relives pain and inflammation from stress, smoking or environmental irritants. Removes impurities and damaged tissues from the throat/larynx, strengthens and rebuilds damaged tissues. Helps clear mucus buildup from the throat and lungs and promotes easier breathing. Soothes and surrounds the vocal membranes to protect during excessive and/or strenuous use, such and singing or lengthy speaking.

Suggested Usage:

– General: 2-3 Cups per day
– Acute: Consume tea throughout the day and/or use as a spray when needed.

WEIGHT 300 g

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